The Future of Mobility Summit at the 30th ITS World Congress, Dubai

Introducing the Future of Mobility Summit at the 30th ITS World Congress, Dubai, hosted by the Road Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) on 16 September 2024. This exclusive forum invites leading decision-makers from across the EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and America regions, including Ministerial and Governmental Representatives, Mayors, Municipalities and Regional Authorities, along with selected industry leaders to engage in critical discussions aimed at benchmarking key contributors to sustainable mobility. 

Why is this Summit critical? Previous Summits have explored necessary actions for smart mobility deployment. This year, we aim to advance further, establishing global indicators to measure the impact of mobility transitions, and the progress towards sustainability goals. 

The Summit transcends traditional dialogues by concentrating on pivotal areas: the economy, with a lens on investment and circularity; the technology influence in mobility transition, including the role of AI and data; social factors, emphasising equity and accessibility; and forward-thinking policy that supports environmental targets. 

Attendees can expect an enriching experience, with a format designed to foster deep discussions among peers, leading to actionable insights. This event is by invitation only, ensuring an exclusive setting for productive exchanges. 

Stay tuned for more details on this pivotal event, shaping the future of sustainable mobility worldwide, and setting the course for the next generation of mobility solutions. 

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