Sustainable Event Practices

Our commitment

Sustainability is a core commitment of the ITS World Congress, where we actively promote sustainable mobility initiatives and eco-friendly transportation solutions. Our focus is on reducing the environmental footprint, resonating with our attendees and exhibitors who prioritise environmental responsibility in ITS.

Recognising our global impact, we encourage participants to engage in sustainable projects during registration, fostering connections and addressing the sector’s most pressing challenges. This initiative highlights our dedication to leading the ITS industry towards a more sustainable future.

Assist the ITS industry through inspiring sustainable development:

  • Focus on leveraging our content to support market sustainability in the ITS sector. 
  • Inspire suppliers, exhibitors, and stakeholders to contribute to a sustainable event. 
  • Develop partnerships relevant to the sustainability market. 
  • Foster the development of Clean and Eco-Mobility. 


Our efforts include: 

  • Showcasing innovations in mobility that address future sustainability challenges. 
  • Including a dedicated sustainability topic in the ITS World Congress programme: Clean Mobility

Manage the event in an environmentally responsible manner:

  • Focus on carbon footprint compensation by supporting the Safe Water Project in African countries.
  • Ensure sustainable practices at the Dubai World Trade Centre, including energy and water conservation, waste management, and promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • Prioritise sustainability in supplier selection.


Our efforts include:

  • Collaborating with suppliers and partners who hold sustainable certifications or policies.
  • Offering sustainable catering with organic, seasonal ingredients, vegetarian options, and eliminating single-use plastics.
  • Utilising electronic options over paper, eco-friendly materials for displays, and providing digital documents to minimise paper usage.

Be socially responsible in the way we manage the event:

  • Focus on safe and ethical business practices.
  • Prioritise well-being and accessibility for all attendees.
  • Creating a positive impact on Congress host cities.
Our efforts include:
  • Reducing local traffic congestion by encouraging the use of public transport.
  • Supporting local suppliers and businesses, boosting the local economy.

Learn more about our charity partner

ITSWC Dubai Webinar 2: Navigating the challenges of Clean and Eco Mobility

Join us for our webinar on Navigating the Challenges of Clean and Eco Mobility on Thursday 16 May, 14:00-15:00 CEST, bringing together experts from the European Commission and from around the world will discuss some of the measures that are being developed to overcome some of the main challenges of clean and eco mobility.