Practical Information

Dubai World Trade Center

Dubai’s epicentre for events and business in the heart of the city. 

The focal point for business in the Middle East, Dubai World Trade Centre. It has played a pivotal role in the growth of Dubai’s business tourism and trade since our inauguration in 1979.

Getting there

Dubai’s self-driving metro system reaches Dubai World Trade Centre from key city locations. It offers quick, efficient, and fully air-conditioned rides with frequent service from 5 am to 11 pm. Obtain a Nol Card at any station for easy access by swiping at the platform entrance.

Taxis are easy to find in Dubai, with more than 5,300 RTA taxis available. Almost all the drivers are familiar with Dubai World Trade Centre and the various drop-off points around it. Fares start at 5 AED or 12 AED if pre-booked, and most taxis in Dubai are equipped to accept credit cards.

In Dubai, you can use Careem and Uber for private taxis. Both offer app-based pre-paid rides, with convenient pick-up and drop-off points. Your existing Careem or Uber app works for booking rides there. If you’re new to these apps, download for Android/iOS, easy to use, accept card/cash.

Opening Hours


16 September

17h00 – 19h30

17 – 19 September

8h30 – 18h30

20 September

8h30 – 16h00

Demonstration & Technical Visits

17 – 19 September

9h00 – 18h30

20 September

8h30 – 16h00

ITSWC Dubai Webinar 2: Navigating the challenges of Clean and Eco Mobility

Join us for our webinar on Navigating the Challenges of Clean and Eco Mobility on Thursday 16 May, 14:00-15:00 CEST, bringing together experts from the European Commission and from around the world will discuss some of the measures that are being developed to overcome some of the main challenges of clean and eco mobility.