ITS Congresses - Powered by ERTICO

The ITS Congresses bridge the worlds of mobility, technology, and innovation, gathering experts, policymakers, and stakeholders from industry and academia to advance the intelligent transport systems (ITS) field. Recognising that mobility challenges transcend borders, these Congresses address not only local and national concerns but also global ones, fostering a worldwide dialogue on smart mobility solutions. 

Organised by ERTICO every two years in Europe, and every third year in the EMEA region for the ITS World Congress, these events lead the charge in global ITS collaboration and innovation. 

The First ITS World Congress in UAE ​

This year’s congress in Dubai marks a landmark occasion as the first ITS World Congress in the UAE, spotlighting the strong partnership between ERTICO and Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). This partnership underlines a mutual commitment to pushing the boundaries of smart mobility, with Dubai’s innovative landscape and RTA’s strategic vision creating an ideal setting to set a dynamic stage for the Congress. Dubai, a beacon of futuristic development and entrepreneurial spirit, offers the perfect backdrop for the ITS World Congress. Its strategic position enhances a unique exchange of ideas and innovations, advancing the ITS sector.

This congress is poised to be a milestone event, underlining the power of cooperation in shaping the future of transportation, towards greater efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity.


As the organiser of the ITS World Congress, ERTICO brings its extensive knowledge and network to this global event. Our involvement ensures that the Congress not only serves as a platform for the latest in ITS innovation but also, as a crucible for policy-making, international collaboration, and business networking.

Expertise and Offering

As a multi-sector platform, ERTICO excels in bringing together the public and private sectors in the realm of ITS. Our expertise spans across various domains including Connected Cooperative and Automated Mobility, Clean & Eco Mobility, Transport & Logistics, and Urban MobilityWe lead cutting-edge projects, coordinate industry innovation, and provide insightful thought leadership in these areas.

ITSWC Dubai Webinar 2: Navigating the challenges of Clean and Eco Mobility

Join us for our webinar on Navigating the Challenges of Clean and Eco Mobility on Thursday 16 May, 14:00-15:00 CEST, bringing together experts from the European Commission and from around the world will discuss some of the measures that are being developed to overcome some of the main challenges of clean and eco mobility.