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Become a Commercial Partner and position yourself as a leader in smart mobility and transportation technology.

Our Commercial Partnership packages provide invaluable networking opportunities and an ideal setting for meeting congress attendees and speakers.

As a Commercial Partner, you have the opportunity to present your company in creative ways through a variety of platforms, including the Congress website, live channels, and Congress app, in addition to having a physical presence onsite.

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Why become a partner?

Thought Leadership and Industry Influence

Becoming a Commercial Partner at the Congress enables your organisation to establish itself as a thought leader in ITS and smart mobility. Position yourself as an expert in the field and explore opportunities to present a case study, success story or body of research to a large audience, or in a more intimate and interactive setting. 

Engage and Collaborate with Public Authorities

As a Commercial Partner at the ITS World Congress in Dubai, you have a unique opportunity to interact and learn from public authorities from around the world who play a crucial role in shaping policies, regulations, and infrastructure in the smart mobility sector. 

Generate Qualified Leads 

Find the right people at the right place and drive towards new business opportunities with potential customers and partners through variety of channels such as exhibitions, digital solutions, social functions, demonstrations and much more!

What do our partners feel they stand to gain from the ITS Congresses?

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Watch this video to uncover in-depth knowledge and insights about the partnership experience, complemented by an interactive and thought-provoking Q&A session.

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