Organised Sessions

Special Interest Sessions (SIS)

SIS will mostly discuss work that is underway or recently completed regionally, nationally or internationally.

Organisers must submit a plan describing how a chosen set of speakers would address key aspects of important topics – achievements, problems, trends, technology developments, policies, etc.

Strategic Future Sessions (SFS)

SFS must address a forward-looking “blue-sky” type of opportunity or problem.

They may make a case for launching new ITS initiatives. These highly interactive discussion sessions look forward and review options, problems, technical barriers, etc. rather than reporting on work that has been completed.

Key Milestones

Submission Process

Review Procedure

Reviewers from the International Programme Committee (IPC) will  use these criteria to select sessions:

  • Relevance to the overall Congress theme and chosen topic
  • Emphasis on interactive format over series of presentations
  • A discussion topic not featured in previous Congresses
  • Proposals tackling a broad area rather than a single project
  • Clear identification of individual speakers’ contributions
  • Inclusion of diverse and gender-balanced moderators/speakers, with at  least three speakers confirmed, coming preferably from the three regions and not from the same organisation
  • SFS must additionally describe the future and strategic aspects of one of the designated topics and propose an innovative and interactive session format