International Forums

The International Forums (IF) are one of the key sessions of the Congress, bringing together representatives across the three regions (Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA) to address global challenges and foster collaboration. These sessions provide a platform for dialogue and exploration of innovative solutions for pressing global issues from these regions through discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities.

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IF 1: Data and AI for Future Mobility: What’s at Stake?

Date & Time: 17 September 2024, 11:00 -12:30

There is a clear revolutionising potential of artificial intelligence (AI) for the mobility industry. Enhancing connected and automated vehicle services, improving traffic management, advancing personalisation and customisation of MaaS, improving the performance of electromobility by optimising infrastructure and battery use: these are just some of the ways in which AI is helping to make mobility smarter, safer, and more sustainable. The power of AI is heightened by processing copious amounts of data.

But the benefits of AI for mobility come with some caveats. The often-discussed concerns about data privacy, safety and security are intensified in combination with AI, particularly for safety-critical mobility systems. The trustworthiness of AI systems must be infallible if the mobility ecosystem is to be fully integrated into the Internet of Things. For the ITS community focussed on sustainability targets, the reported carbon footprint of AI also raises some questions.

The European Union has been a leader in safeguards through regulation, like the Data Act and the AI Act, although some have expressed concerns about regulation stifling innovation.

This session will discuss: Can AI be a force for good across the mobility industry without the human element? Is the connectivity, digital infrastructure and computing power ready? Should there be a global governance system for data, or should it be specific to use cases, especially when related to AI?

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IF 2: Harnessing Intelligent Transportation Systems for Safe and Sustainable Futures

Date & Time: 17 September 2024, 14:00 -15:30

This forum will explore the pivotal role of ITS and emerging technologies in advancing safety and sustainability within transportation networks. Through a dynamic blend of expert insights form diverse ITS leaders, participants will learn how ITS and emerging technologies can provide transformative solutions to address longstanding challenges related to safety, as well as environmental and economic sustainability. From leveraging connectivity, Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to improve safety, optimize traffic flow and reduce emissions, this session will showcase innovative approaches driving positive outcomes across urban and rural landscapes. Attendees will gain actionable strategies and best practices for designing safe, resilient, equitable, and environmentally conscious transportation systems. With a focus on tangible outcomes and real-world applications, this session aims to inspire and empower stakeholders to embrace ITS and emerging technologies as a catalyst for a safer, greener, smarter future.

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IF 3: Innovations for integrated ITS

Date & Time: 17 September 2024, 16:00 -17:30

In recent years, countries around the world have made significant innovations in integrated intelligent transportation systems. Various integrated intelligent transportation systems, such as on-demand mobility services for integrated travel, integrated service systems for transportation hubs, multimodal transportation and logistics integration systems, have emerged globally. Due to differences in policies, standards, and economies among countries, how do these innovative integrated systems perform in terms of cost-effectiveness? What is the efficiency and resilience of these systems in terms of social benefits? What kind of innovations are favored and enjoyed by both the public and management authorities? What are the foreseeable future directions for innovation?

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IF 4: Using AI in ITS: What is the Impact?

Date & Time: 18 September 2024, 11:00 -12:30

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is regularly being hyped as the next technology to solve all problems. Across the globe there are a large number of innovative transportation solutions already deployed that solve some transportation challenges without the use of AI.  Rather than embracing the hype that AI is needed everywhere this session will focus on what aspects of our transportation systems would most benefit from application of AI. In particular, AI has demonstrated to be adept at massaging large volumes of data, however, are these systems processing this data in an equitable manner? It is vitally important that our multi-modal transportation systems treat all users in a fair and equitable manner. As with all evolving technologies, there are both benefits and challenges in applying new technology to enhance systems that are already providing functional systems. This forum will address the applications, successes/failures and considerations around using AI solutions in transportation.

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IF 5: Cooperative ITS – Automated Vehicles and large scale real world applications

Date & Time: 18 September 2024, 14:00 -15:30

This session will discuss the experiences of deploying large scale CAV in urban environment, considering the practical issues, what is needed to be done prior, as well as the opportunities in saving cost for the broader network management and safety initiatives.
Co-operative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) technology enables road users and infrastructure to communicate with each other, sharing information about road conditions, disruptions, traffic flow and safety incidents. C-ITS has been proven to have the potential to provide significant safety benefits by detecting and providing advanced warning to drivers to prevent incidents and improve efficiency of transport networks. C-ITS needs alignment amongst governments and industry for deployment to realise these benefits across jurisdictions.

Focusing on major projects and pilots across Asia-Pacific, EU and America with speakers from academia, industry and government presenting on important developments in their regions with a panel discussion on the future of connectivity and C-ITS.
How is government and industry collaborating now to deliver on proven safety and efficiency benefits C-ITS offers? What works best?
What needs to be done to enable effective data sharing for C-ITS guaranteeing security and privacy governance that protect citizens and governments?

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IF 6: Urban Mobility Innovation: Will drones really change life in cities?

Date & Time: 18 September 2024, 16:00 -17:30

With two thirds of the global population expected to live in cities by 2050, the challenges of urban mobility stemming from greenhouse gas emissions and congestion, if left unchecked, will become increasingly acute. Goods deliveries from e-businesses are among the major contributors to the problem. It is ever more urgent to find transformative sustainable mobility solutions to limit the negative impact on citizens’ lives.

Cooperative, connected and automated mobility, micro-mobility, shared mobility, active mobility, and improved public transport are just some of the innovations put forward to make urban mobility safer, more efficient and sustainable.
Drones, and urban air mobility in general, have also been proposed as the answer to some problems of surface transport and mobility. Drones are being used for delivery services and air taxis are now being trialled in many parts of the world, including in the current host city of Dubai.

This Internation Forum will highlight some cutting-edge solutions in Urban Air Mobility and discuss: How ready are we to integrate this newest mode into the urban mobility landscape? What are some of its main blockers? Is it really a green solution? What policies are needed to ensure that even as innovation is given an impetus, the urban air space does not become congested?

Our Forum Panellists:

  • Mr. Dónal Hodgins (Moderator), Head of Sustainable Transport & Traffic Management / ITS Nationals Vice Chair, Kildare County Council / ITS Ireland, Ireland.
  • Ms. Beth Kigel, Vice President, HNTB, USA
  • Lt.Col.Dr. Tongkarn Kaewchalermtong, President, ITS Thailand, Thailand.

IF 7: Fair Mobility as a Service (Fair MaaS) towards Digitalised Sustainable Transportation

Date & Time: 19 September 2024, 11:00 -12:30

The full value of enhanced eco-mobility applications under the concept of sustainable eco and green intelligent transport systems (G-ITS) can only be unlocked if ITS is accessible to all in an equitable manner. Fair MaaS leverages mobility ecosystem for shared and/or equitable transportation by means of digitalization and sustainability in order to balance fairness by age and gender, income level, urban and rural divide, depending on passenger cars or public transit, etc. Digitalisation represents the most important link to electric mobility including vehicles and transport infrastructures connected with other things by ensuring automated and/or networked mobility solutions. Sustainability provides recently the new business models in the sharing economy in terms of global climate change issues. As the world works together to address challenges of global climate change the speakers will focus on the technologies available within the ITS and Connected Automated Driving Systems (CADS) industries that can be used to implement the fair mobility as a service.
This forum will discuss the question: How can MaaS be fair to the public by incorporating the real benefits of digitalized sustainable transportation technology as well as policies?

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IF 8: Electrification: A Green Revolution Against Climate Change?

Date & Time: 19 September 2024, 14:00 -15:30

Electrification is rapidly emerging as a frontline solution in the global battle against climate change. This transformative technology is making strides in reducing emissions and fostering a sustainable future. Robust charging infrastructure is fundamental to the success of transport electrification. Charging networks that can assuage range anxiety and ensure easy access to clean energy are doing much to promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs).

However, there are some deterrents to the widespread use adoption of electric vehicles: prominent among them being the financial cost involved, not only of the vehicle but also of setting up the infrastructure, and limitations of grid capacity in many regions.
Alongside electrification, alternative energy sources such as hydrogen are also coming into focus in the fight to reduce emissions. Hydrogen offers promising potential for various applications, including fuel cells and heavy transport.

This Forum will assess the role of charging infrastructure, financial incentives, and exploration of alternative fuels like hydrogen in the battle against climate change. What are some of the cutting-edge technological advancements that can help lay to rest some of the current concerns? Investment in electrification of the transportation sector appears to be a sure and significant step towards a cleaner, healthier planet, but how big is the cost?

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RF 1: Safety Potential of Connected Automated Vehicle Technologies for Passenger and Freight Operations

Date & Time: 19 September 2024, 16:00 -17:30

Safety on the transportation network remains a critical concern for Infrastructure Owners and Operators (IOOs). In the United States, paramount to the state Departments of Transportation is eliminating the over 40,000 fatal vehicle crashes annually and their resulting approximately $250 billion in direct costs and $800 billion in societal costs. With the emergence of Connected Automated Vehicle (CAV) technologies applied to passenger and freight operations, the IOOs recognize a potential game-changer capable of achieving significant safety benefits. In this Forum, IOO leaders from states and localities will share insights on deployment use cases, how to align stakeholders to address legislative, privacy and equity challenges, and the role of information supporting automation.

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