Paper Sessions

Technical Papers

Technical Papers should present current and original work, incorporating the latest field advancements.

This should encompass innovative solutions improving existing practices, providing valuable insights to others, as well as outcomes from practical work, trials, demonstrations, and pilot studies.

Technical Papers must be between 5 and 10 pages, including the references.

Research Papers

Research Papers should actively contribute to advancing the state of the art by introducing novel concepts or addressing existing limitations. 

These papers should demonstrate a high level of scholarship, innovation, and analytical exploration of emerging issues or solutions, surpassing mere re–examination of previously studied subjects.

Research Papers must be between 9 and 12 pages, including the references.

Key Milestones

Submission Process

Review Procedure

External and independent reviewers from the three regions (The Americas, Asia-Pacific, EMEA) will award a score and comment on the papers using these criteria:

  • A draft submission containing enough detail and content to be judged appropriately
  • An abstract with a clear summary of the scope, methodology and outcome of the work
  • A significant contribution to the state of the ITS art or practice
  • Existing work well described and properly referenced
  • Sufficient data to support the findings and conclusions with wider applicability
  • Appropriate and properly argued conclusions

Note: Submissions judged as not matching the Research Paper criteria may still be accepted as Technical Papers

All papers must be submitted on the Congress paper template. To download the template in Word or ODT format, please first create a user profile. 

ITSWC Dubai Webinar 2: Navigating the challenges of Clean and Eco Mobility

Join us for our webinar on Navigating the Challenges of Clean and Eco Mobility on Thursday 16 May, 14:00-15:00 CEST, bringing together experts from the European Commission and from around the world will discuss some of the measures that are being developed to overcome some of the main challenges of clean and eco mobility.