Reconnect and explore the 2023 ITS European Congress in Lisbon

The yearly ITS Congresses offer a unique opportunity for the ITS industry to experience the latest innovations in smart mobility. Next year, ERTICO will host the ITS European Congress together with the host city of Lisbon, and the preparation has already taken off at an accelerating speed. Over three days, participants will explore a full Conference programme designed around the theme ITS: The Game Changer with five key topics reflecting some of the most challenging issues and opportunities that we are facing today.

‘We are preparing for another very exciting European Congress, and the organisation of ITS Lisbon 2023 has taken off,’ says Mrs. Lisa Boch-Andersen, Director of Congresses, Events and Communications at ERTICO. ‘Following the theme ITS: The Game Changer and the five dedicated Congress topics, we are looking forward to sharing a key milestone during the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles next week.’

The theme of the 14th ITS European Congress in Lisbon reflects some of the most significant transformations and innovative solutions in the ITS and smart mobility industry. As the largest event in Europe entirely dedicated to smart mobility and digitalisation of transport, the 15th ITS European Congress will deliver an outstanding event built around three pillars:

An International Conference with a High-Level Programme; Technical Programme including Special Interest Sessions (SIS) and Technical Paper Presentations; as well as Interactive Workshops.
Innovative live demonstrations and outdoor technical visits covering an area of 25.000 sqm are dedicated to showcasing unique experiences of tomorrow’s mobility solutions and transport technologies.
A lively exhibition filled with cutting-edge solutions focusing on contributing to a more sustainable, smarter and cleaner mobility ecosystem.

The sheer speed and scope of innovative and smart mobility solutions, propelled by technological developments as well as social and environmental needs, are unprecedented. Intelligent transport systems and services have started to become more efficient, demand-responsive and safe, but more is to come. The innovative potential of ITS is too vast to foretell the mobile future. We only know that ITS: The Game Changer, will keep changing the game – and the future.

Beyond the lively exhibition and demonstrations, which will showcase some of Europe’s most innovative mobility solutions, the Congress week will bring together participants from more than 57 countries across Europe and beyond. Get ready, explore all the Five Congress topics and access the preliminary Conference Programme.

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