With VLYR users will discover new places from the perspective of an aerial transportation system from the future, to discover today’s reality.
VLYR is the perfect combination of real-world environments and interactive virtual reality.

VLYR will transport users into any kind of environment within seconds. It is a fully immersive VR experience based on real world 360° footage and an interactive VR environment. Up to 8 users enter a real flight object simultaneously and put on VR glasses. Inside the VR they see each other as avatars and experience a virtual city tour together. In VR the flight object is a flying drone, revealing the potential of those futuristic transportation systems.

Through the combination of virtual objects and 360° video, the user moves inside the experience which is the special benefit of our technology. It feels like volumetric film in VR, with the only difference being that our technology is more affordable and faster than the production of real volumetric content.

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