L3Pilot – Urban Demo. Automated Driving on public roads in downtown Hamburg

L3Pilot is the first comprehensive European pilot test of Automated Driving Functions of SAE Level 3 and partially Level 4 on public roads unifying 13 major OEMs and altogether 34 partners from 12 countries. By October 2021, partners will have put fully equipped passenger cars to test under real-life conditions and evaluated the test drives. The demonstration will invite visitors to tours within different scenarios in the urban area and to witness as the car drives in conditionally automated mode taking over all dynamic driving tasks. Test drivers will be ready to respond appropriately to a request to intervene. Visitors can gain hands-on experience of driving in automated cars. Furthermore, L3Pilot will display vehicles in hall B3 of the exhibition area. Guests are invited to discuss the testing with high-level experts and senior researchers of the project from both industry and academics.


L3Pilot Consortium coordinated by Volkswagen AG

TOPIC 1 – Automated & Connected Driving