Jarrett Wendt

Executive Vice President, & Head of CityNOW

Panasonic North America

United States

Jarrett Wendt serves as Executive Vice President & Head of CityNOW for Panasonic North America. The company provides comprehensive solutions directly to clients in two major areas: CityNOW, Panasonic’s holistic approach to Smart Cities that illuminates the full breadth of Panasonic solutions across its global divisions including Automotive, Avionics, Eco Solutions, and Smart Sustainable Town’s (SST). CityNOW is headquartered in Denver, CO.

Jarrett is charged with leading Panasonic’s Smart Cities initiative CityNOW leveraging the strengths of Panasonic’s tremendous history in smart and sustainable solutions, including solar, battery storage, microgrids, traffic and mobility solutions, healthcare, and more. He also leads corporate partnerships for Panasonic providing large-scale solutions across Panasonic’s global portfolio. Jarrett created Panasonic’s Connected Vehicle business, signing the largest CV contract in US DOT history with Colorado Department of Transportation. Jarrett joined Panasonic August, 2015.

Prior to joining Panasonic, Jarrett spent 8 years as President and CEO of CPI International, a leading analytical and life science manufacturer. He grew CPI’s global business by successfully launching markets in over 40 countries. While as CPI, he attained 12 patents, and presented before the US EPA gaining two EPA approvals for Colitag ™, a novel drinking water test that detects e. coli and coliforms. He secured global OEM contract manufacturing partnerships with Thermo-Fisher, Agilent, Spectro, PerkinElmer, and Horiba while growing CPI’s vertically integrated capabilities.

Prior to his role at CPI, Jarrett found and served as President of JMG, an entertainment and media company focused on global distribution of music and motion pictures. Jarrett holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado Boulder. He currently resides in Colorado with his wife and two sons.