The Danish Industry Foundation

The Danish Industry Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation. The general purpose of the foundation is to strengthen the Danish business sector’s competitiveness. The foundation focuses on developing and supporting innovative projects that contribute to creating new knowledge benefiting the Danish industry as a whole. The Danish Industry Foundation’s mission is:

“To support innovative, inspiring and financially sustainable projects that can strengthen the Danish business sector, particularly Danish industry’s competitiveness”.

The Danish Industry Foundation was originally founded in 1898. Since its establishment the foundation has undergone several mergers and adaptations, before finding its current form as The Danish Industry Foundation in 2009.

The Danish Industry Foundation’s strategic focus is on projects and activities within the issues and areas that bring value and increase competitiveness closest to the individual company and where the company can advantageously make the greatest difference itself. The Danish Industry Foundation has a positive focus on the following four areas: Globalisation and Openness; Knowledge; Competences; Entrepreneurship and Innovation.