Sund & Bælt

Sund & Bælt is a technology-driven infrastructure company that owns and operates the links across the Great Belt and Øresund and, within a few years, the link to Germany across the Fehmarnbelt. We play a key role in increasing the mobility of the 250,000 plus customers who use our infrastructure on a daily basis. Sund & Bælt aims to digitalise the operation of major infrastructure facilities in partnership with external technology experts and deliver unique solutions that will increase efficiency within the infrastructure area, not only in relation to the ourselves, but within the sector in general. Moreover, Sund & Bælt’s subsidiary, BroBizz A/S, operates automatic payment solutions on roads, bridges, ferries and at parking facilities in Scandinavia. Sund & Bælt aims to be the best at constructing, operating and financing user-paid infrastructure that strengthens mobility in Denmark and across Europe.

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