Leaders in smart mobility

In order to create sustainable and healthy cities, people living in them need easy, efficient and affordable mobility.

Ramboll is one of the world’s leading consultancies in holistic smart mobility solutions. From advanced traffic systems and unique prognosis tools, to intelligent bike lanes and more walkable cities, Ramboll focuses on all aspects of mobility.

We work with cities to develop mobility plans that encompass all transport modes and place travellers’ needs first. Integrating these plans with new services and emerging technologies reduces costs for taxpayers, optimises traveller journeys, and cuts greenhouse gas emissions.

Ramboll’s proven track record includes the planning of Scandinavia’s largest urban development project at the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen. The area has been designed as a “5 minute city” making it possible to reach shops, institutions, work places, cultural facilities and public transport within 5 minutes’ walk from any point in the district.

Ramboll is also supporting the development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS): a user-friendly platform that integrates different modes of transport, both public and private. Available in several cities throughout Finland, it combines the use of technology with existing transport and infrastructure.

Find out more at http://www.ramboll.com/services-and-sectors/transport/smart-mobility