Citelum is a global organization that is not only dedicated to managing and renewing public lighting in towns and cities, but also takes a leading role in the development of Smart Cities. The last decade the business has diversified into areas such as traffic systems, electrical charging, security monitoring and environmental sensors. Connecting the assets they install and manage (for example lighting and traffic system) to communication networks and their own MUSE® management software, Citelum brings major benefits to their customers, such as the ability to remotely manage their assets, proactive maintenance, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance cost. As a subsidiary of the EDF Group – the world’s leading electricity company – the company is active in 14 countries, employing around 2,600 people – mainly in Europe, North & South America. More than 1,000 cities and companies around the world have already trusted Citelum, including Mexico City, São Luis, Santiago de Chile, Barcelona, Naples, Dijon, Sète and not least Copenhagen, a city considered a leading Smart City reference.