From 17 to 21 September 2018, the ITS World Congress is hosted at Bella Center in Copenhagen. It is the world’s largest international congress for intelligent transport systems (ITS). The congress expects to welcome more than 4,000 delegates, 10,000 attendees and 400 exhibitors from around the world.

The City of Copenhagen is the proud host of the 25th ITS World Congress, when it rotates to Copenhagen in September. The congress is to showcase the latest and most cutting-edge international ITS solutions, and provide concrete answers to how intelligent transport systems improve the quality of life for both road users and citizens. The overall theme of the congress is “ITS – Quality of Life”. Every year, ERTICO organises the ITS regional Congress or World Congress in Europe.

One of the real crowd pullers of the Congress is the demonstration projects, where delegates can test out the most up-to-the-minute technology within transport systems; some of which is not yet on the market. One of the topical themes in the field is “Mobility as a Service”, which colloquially is referred to as MaaS.

It is in this category that Rejseplanen A/S is partaking and testing the new multi-modal app, MinRejseplan (MyJourneyPlanner). The app is a new generation of the app known as Rejseplanen (JourneyPlanner) and allows the traveller to select from many more means of transportation. The new generation is much more than a simple journey planner that maps out which busses, harbour busses, subway line or train to take, but now also includes journeys by taxi, car pooling, shared cars and city bikes.

Steffen Rasmussen, Head of Projects, Technical and Environmental Administration, City of Copenhagen says:

“I am incredibly proud that we at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen for the first time ever is able to unveil and present MinRejseplan, which includes the full range of possible means of transportation. In Copenhagen it is our clear vision to make the city carbon neutral by 2025, and with the new MinRejseplan app even more Copenhageners may choose to leave the car at home and travel by public transport instead”.

The app, MinRejseplan provides a better choice between the various means of transportation, and as a completely new feature it integrates both public and private mobility modes. In this way it makes it easier for citizen to select the green, mass modes of transportation.

“MinRejseplan shows, how technology can help the users to find connected transport more easily and quickly. I believe and hope, that in the years to come we will see more creative and user-friendly solutions in the transport and travel field, also private solutions, e.g. parking apps. It presumes, that the public traffic sector continues to work with sharing of transport data, as Rejseplanen A/S already does to some extent” says Minister of Transport, Building and Housing Ole Birk Olesen.

The demonstration project, MinRejseplan, which will be showcased at the ITS World Congress 2018, is build on a case from North Jutland where a similar solution was launched. The case from North Jutland is supported by funds from the State, while the Copenhagen, test-version for the Congress is developed by Rejseplanen A/S with funding from the State, DSB, Movia, Metroselskabet, Bycyklen, HaCon, DriveNow, GoMore, and Moove.

Chief executive Officer of Rejseplanen A/S, Christina Hvid, explains:

“Rejseplanen is already one of the Danes’ preferred apps and we aspire to continue this way in step with more and more mobility modes becoming available. Down the line, the ambition is to include all possible means of transportation and mobility modes on offer in getting travellers from A to B. This means that MinRejseplan – in addition to busses, the Metro, light rail and ferries, and now also car pooling, taxis, shared cars and city bikes – in the near future also incorporates coaches, domestic flights, self-driving busses and much more for the whole of Denmark”. Christina Hvid continues:

“It is a big step for Rejseplanen and for all travellers and commuters in Copenhagen that we are allowed a chance to test the Copenhagen version of MinRejseplan – the version that will be rolled out as the future version of MinRejseplan. We seek to spread the knowledge and use of MinRejseplan and collect user-experience data from both Copenhagen and North Jutland, so that we can launch a fully functional multi-modal journey planner for Denmark”.

MinRejseplan is a pilot project being tested and evaluated during the ITS World Congress. Every delegate at the Congress receives access to the app-service. The owners of Rejseplanen will, based on the evaluation data, decide whether to release MinRejseplan in the Capital Region of Denmark so that all Copenhageners gain access to the app’s features.

The development and evaluation of MinRejseplan is financed by Metroselskabet, Movia, DSB, the Capital Region of Denmark, the Travel Company of North Jutland, and the Ministry of Transport, Building, and Housing. ITS World Congress 2018 in Copenhagen cover the costs of transportation for its delegates using MinRejseplan during the Congress, including 24-7 support at the Rejseplanen A/S stand in Bella Center and via contact to a technician.

Facts about the MinRejseplan app

  • MinRejseplan is a new app that extends the current version of Rejseplanen’s systems and functionality
  • As a first round, the app is tested by the Congress delegates during the Congress week
  • Delegates can use the app to find journey suggestions incorporating more means of transportation than previously, and can – as something completely new – sort the journeys by price, travel time and departure time. In addition, purchasing and booking a ticket is easily done through the app

Facts about Rejseplanen A/S

  • 90 percent of Danes know of Rejseplanen, while 75 percent of Danes use Rejseplanen
  • Rejseplanen is used for more than 35 million journey plans each month
  • On especially busy days, the number of journey plans created via Rejseplanen increase by approximately 30 percent, e.g. on days of heavy snowfall or traffic jams
  • Rejseplanen’s app has been downloaded more than 3.7 million times