Ports of the Future – event at ITSWC18

Ports are a major example of logistical hubs’ need for modernisation. Ports are essential for the European economy as a global player and for the internal market. They are a main catalyst for regional development and their optimisation and inclusion in the territory is fundamental to ensure that efficient operations will not affect negatively the surrounding areas, including city-port relations and the smart urban development of Port Cities.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, Internet of Things technology, C-ITS and block chain create opportunities in making hubs intelligent and also linking them with supply chains that are more autonomous, secure and synchro modal.  ERTICO, a leading private – public partnership with 120 partners focussed on smart mobility, will play a key role in driving industry collaboration to make transport smarter.  One of ERTICO’s platforms,TM 2.0, enhances hubs and logistical efficiencies by providing better insight into highly congested delivery areas.  ERTICO recognises the role C-ITS (cooperative ITS solutions) can play to improve logistics operations by exchanging data between service provider, hub operator and traffic manager allowing real-time traffic information, better estimated time of arrival and allowing improved tracking and tracing of goods.

ERTICO as a proponent of collaboration and international cooperation organises annual Ports of the Future sessions at ITS World Congresses. The event gathers ports, cities and industry around the world to discuss innovative trends and challenges (low-carbon ICT technologies, hinterland transport network, Sustainable Smart Port Cities).

Conclusions from these events focus on creating the dynamics to nurture the economy-environment-society-technology balance, and making sure innovative ideas are both put to the test and blueprinted from scratch.  Other key concerns are reducing the impact of climate change and the environment as a result of port activities; improving logistics efficiency and integrating the port in the surrounding socio-economic area, with emphasis on city-port relations and the smart urban development of Port Cities.

ITS World Congress 2018

This year, ERTICO is organising the Ports of the Future session on Thursday 20 September during the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen, with a particular focus on automation, IOT and truck platooning for ports, terminals and highways. Automation can bring a new way to manage container terminals, addressing many different levels of the business, including the improvement of the efficiency of the movement of cargo in and out of a terminal. Automation has a major impact on jobs. Connected devices may replace certain jobs, but will also create new industries, opportunities and skills. Technologies like truck platooning will have a major impact on the future of logistics.  ERTICO and its partners will present the findings of the COREALIS project’s user needs questionnaire findings to the Ports of the Future Panel for validation on the projects innovations.

Thursday 20 September 2018 from 11:00–12:30 in the ITS Forum

For the full Congress programme please click here, and for more information about the ITS World Congress 2018, please visit www.itsworldcongress.com.