The City of Copenhagen will be joining the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg from 19-22 June. In cooperation with ERTICO, the city is represented at booth C12 where we are looking forward to inviting you in. Please come see us and learn more about our visions and preparations for the 25th ITS World Congress in Copenhagen which will be taking place from 17-21 September 2018. The overall congress theme will be “ITS – Quality of Life”. We wish to show you how ITS can be the step stone for a green, clean and liveable city. A city creating a better life for the citizens.

At the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg, ERTICO and the City of Copenhagen are pleased to present the first Commercial Partners to the 25th ITS World Congress 2018: Technolution, Dynniq and Swarco. The City of Copenhagen is already working with the three partners in the city as they are supplying ITS and smart city solutions. They manage to deliver solutions that go hand in hand with our vision to become the first CO2 neutral city in the world by 2025. These partners supply ITS solutions that fit into our vision to create the best mobility and sustainable transport systems in Copenhagen. In the City of Copenhagen we think this is the best path for creating quality of life for the Copenhageners.

With expected 4,000 delegates, 10,000 visitors and 400 exhibitioners at the 25th ITS World Congress 2018 in Copenhagen, it is the largest and most important event in the industry of intelligent transport services. An industry, experiencing great growth and increasing importance around the world.
At the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg, the City of Copenhagen is looking forward to meeting you at the booth or at the sessions. Our team is participating in several sessions during the Congress week:

Steffen Rasmussen, Head of Department, Traffic and Urban Life at the City of Copenhagen, presentations:

Tuesday 20th June
9:00-10:30: PL02 – Smart cities and future ports: What is the role of ITS? – Cassin Auditorium
11:00-12:30: Next Congresses – ITS Montreal 2017/ITS Copenhagen 2018 – ITS Forum
16:00-17:30: SIS20 – Leveraging the digital nature of ITS to deliver ITS environmental benefits – Madrid 1

Wednesday 21st June
8:45-12:30: Mayors’ Summit

Thursday 22nd June
11:00-13:00: PL03 – Cooperative, connected and automated mobility – Conclusions – Closing Ceremony – Cassin Auditorium

Mads Gaml, ITS Programme Manager at the City of Copenhagen, presentations:

Tuesday 20th June
11:00-12:30: TS01 – ITS Improving Air Quality 1 – Madrid 1
16:00-17:30: SIS19 – Disruptive Business Models: Blurring the Lines between Traditional Mobility Service Providers – Varsovie

Wednesday 21st June
11:00-12:30: PR05 – Public Procurement Challenges for Facilitating Innovative Transport and Mobility Solutions – Berlin
14:00-15:30: ES06 – ITS and the environment – Rome

Bahar Namaki Araghi, PhD, ITS Project Manager, presentations:

Monday 19th June
14:00-15:30: International SIS02 – An international dialogue on roles of ITS in the New Urban Agenda – Madrid 1

Tuesday 20th June
11:00-12:30: SIS13 – Post 2019 – the path towards Day 2 C-ITS Services – Boston

Wednesday 21st June
9:00-10:30: SIS26 – Delivering evidence on urban C-ITS benefits to accelerate full scale deployment – Luxembourg
11:00-12:30: PR05 – Public procurement challenges for facilitating innovative transport and mobility solutions – Berlin

Thursday 22nd June
9:00-10:30: TS30 – User services and needs: Technical Paper: Raising Awareness of Using Public Procurement as an Instrument for Implementation of ITS in EU – Varsovie
9:00-10:30: SIS50 – Connected and automated transport is coming to European urban areas – Amsterdam

Jos van Vlerken, ITS Project Manager at the City of Copenhagen, presentation:

Thursday 22nd June
9:00-10:30: TS31 – Towards digital networks 2 – Londres 1