Danish Industry Foundation supports the ITS World Congress 2018

In connection with the ITS World Congress 2018, the Danish Industry Foundation and the City of Copenhagen will hold an ITS Hackathon. The purpose of this project is to kick start the World Congress in 2017 for the benefit of Danish businesses and citizens. ITS Hackathon is a dialogue and innovation process aimed at motivating businesses to apply to test new innovative ITS solutions in an urban environment before and during the ITS World Congress 2018.

“The hackathon will provide Danish businesses with a platform where they can develop and test new IT-based solutions in a living laboratory while interacting with citizens and other users. Testing, developing and documenting solutions in conjunction with public authorities, businesses and citizens offers individual companies a unique stepping stone towards competing in the global market for intelligent cities and the associated technology,” says Charlotte Kjeldsen Krarup, Head of Development at the Danish Industry Foundation.

The ITS Hackathon project will support business growth and also aims to strengthen integration in the Oresund region and bolster Denmark’s international appeal. As host to the ITS World Congress 2018, Copenhagen will showcase new Danish transport solutions, research findings and technological expertise as well as products and services from Danish companies. The ITS Hackathon will also contribute to improving the foundations for growth and increased competitiveness among participating businesses.

“The City of Copenhagen is very pleased that the ITS Hackathon project has been awarded Foundation funds. This provides a unique opportunity to boost innovative businesses that want to test their new ITS concepts in the run-up to the ITS World Congress 2018. We also want to engage our citizens and show them how ITS creates value for the end user – Quality of Life – which is the main theme of the Congress,” says Steffen Rasmussen, Head of Department, Technical and Environmental Administration of the City of Copenhagen.

Moreover, the project underpins the City’s objective of improving traffic flow, safety and the environment for all road users by means of ITS. It will also serve to generate new knowledge for tackling some of the most urgent challenges of our time, such as climate change, air quality, urbanisation, road congestion and traffic safety.

The ITS Hackathon is divided into four phases ranging from initial contact and partnering with businesses, through demonstration projects in the urban space, network meetings, events, test evaluations, etc. The City of Copenhagen is the organiser of the various activities and demonstrations from September 2017 and until the opening of the World Congress in September 2018.


ITS Hackathon’s criterion for success is to present at least 15 new demonstration projects at the ITS World Congress in 2018. The deadline for submission of demonstration project applications to itsworldcongress2018@tmf.kk.dk is 29 September 2017.

For more information, please contact:

the Technical and Environmental Administration via press telephone +45 23 27 80 90, or

Anette Amalie Juhl Lindschouw, Special Consultant, ITS World Congress 2018, at + 45 21 78 26 06.
For more information about the ITS World Congress 2018, please visit www.itsworldcongress.com

The ITS World Congress will be held at Bella Center Copenhagen from 17 to 21 September 2018. This is the largest international congress for intelligent transport systems (ITS). The Congress is expected to attract more than 4,000 delegates, 10,000 attendees and 400 exhibitors.