Host City

Host City is the media and event of choice for cities, rights holders, organising committees and suppliers in their quest for best practice on hosting major events of all kinds.

First launched in 2003 as a bilingual magazine for the organisers of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Host City now serves all stakeholders in international sports, business, cultural and events through magazines, website, conferences and exhibition.

Now in its fourth year of growth, Host City conference and exhibition is firmly established as the largest meeting of cities and sports, business and cultural events, renowned for the highest level of speakers, content and networking. Host City 2017 recorded its greatest participation more than 50 city representatives, 30 event owners, 20 organising committees, 15 media and two hundred delegates. Host City will be returning to Glasgow in November 2018 with a greatly increased exhibition.

The first Host City Asia event takes place in Beijing at the end of May 2018, bringing international event owners and Asian hosts together for high level discussion and networking.

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