Technical Visits in Copenhagen

There will be various opportunities to go on Technical visits during the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen. Some of these technical visits include:

Oresunds Bridge: The smart link between Denmark and Sweden

A guided bus transfer over the Oresund bridge with general information of the only fixed link between Sweden and Denmark. During the transfer, there will be a presentation of the purpose of building the link – to facilitate integration between two countries. On arrival in the Toll station on the Swedish side of the link different ITS systems will be shown in 3-6 stations. In the Toll station, we will focus on Electronic Toll Collection including vehicle detection. We will also show a smart and safe way to control speed through the toll station.

Another focus area is systems in the Traffic Control Center and out on the link. We will show a CCTV system connected cross-border to both Swedish and Danish police and an alarming system for rescue forces in both countries among other systems.

This technical visit is approximately 3 hours long and can accommodate 75 people per visit. Dates and times will be confirmed closer to the time.

Trafiktårn East – Traffic management center

Trafiktårn East contains control centres for the railway in Eastern Denmark, the commuter train in the metropolitan area and all national roads in Denmark. Trafiktårn East is a brand new building with an exciting architecture built specifically for the purpose of traffic management.

Consult the Road Directorate where employees from the Danish Road Directorate, Copenhagen Municipality and Danish broadcasting are co-located and work together to contribute to a continuity of traffic management services and enabling coordinated road traffic management getting the road users easy and safe to their destination, with focus on the urban-interurban interface to Copenhagen where the corridor is by-passing and serving a mix of long-distance, regional and local traffic, including the cross-border traffic to and from Sweden via the Øresund Fixed Link. Learn how this is done despite the lack of an official common organization.

Consult Banedanmark about the new signaling programme and challenges and benefits by implementing a brand new technology in an established organizational culture while maintaining punctuality on train traffic.

The visit consists a brief introduction to background, architecture and ideas behind Trafiktårn East and visits to the traffic management center of the Danish Road Directorate and the traffic management center of Banedanmark.

This technical visit is 2-3 hours long and can accommodate 30 visitors at a time. Dates and times will be confirmed closer to the time.