The connected urban bike route

Copenhagen has earned its reputation as one of the best cities in the world for cyclists. Q-Free wants to take the positive biking experience one step further and invites visitors to become urban cyclists in a Cooperative Intelligent Transport System. By the help of innovative technology, the live demonstration allows participants to experience a range of practical Urban ITS scenarios. Visitors will use electric bikes and be guided through a city environment with the help of audio and visual information from tablets and wireless earbuds. The tablets and headsets will provide interactive information of the traffic situations. Several simulated situations will show how to achieve safety and efficiency in an urban ITS mobility setting. Participants can choose between a short route (100 meters) or a long route (2 km) and will score points depending on their traffic behaviour.
A prize will be awarded each day to an urban cyclist. Wireless earbuds and helmets are provided free of charge. Participating the bicycle tour is a great way to energise your day at the ITS World Congress