Nordic Way 2

Are you curious about how public authorities can use C-ITS for Traffic Management? Participate in the NordicWay 2 demonstration right outside Bella centre where you can take a ride with a Volvo XC90. We will show how a car – without driver intervention – can react to traffic management decisions provided by “the sky” from the Nordic road authorities.

The car will react automatically to traffic signal information by stopping the engine when appropriate and starting it again when you have green light. In dedicated geofence zones we can force a hybrid car to drive by electricity. We regard this demonstration as a starting point for connected and automated driving.

Sign up for the NordicWay 2 –Traffic Management by C-ITS – demonstration in the ITS WC 2018 app or at our stand C3-020, Nordic Pavilion.

The demonstration will be open at Tuesday – Friday from 10:00 to 14:00. The ride will take approximately five minutes. Additional information about the concepts and NordicWay 2 will be given at stand C3-020, Nordic Pavilion, within the exhibition area.