Demonstration by Bestmile, Ibeo Automotive Systems, Paravan and Hanseatische Fahrzeug Manufaktur.

Urban Jungle –The On-Demand Driverless Shuttle Service at ITS World Congress 2018

Bestmile, Ibeo Automotive Systems, PARAVAN and Hanseatische Fahrzeug Manufaktur (HFM) are joining forces to show the possibilities of driverless vehicles in the urban environment at ITS 2018. At the demonstration area an autonomous shuttle will travel through the wild, encountering tigers, elephants and gorillas. The participants can experience how the vehicle interacts with its environment and brings them safely through the Urban Jungle.

Each demo participant will be able to hail the vehicle in real time and experience a true on-demand autonomous shuttle service. The worldwide trend towards mega cities is a major challenge for urban mobility and for the development of autonomous vehicles, as well as for new mobility services. The Urban Jungle demonstration will show, how on-demand autonomous shuttles can reinvent mobility by complementing the urban transportation system and thus, making it more accessible, efficient and safe.

Each partner delivers specific know-how to operate the shuttle: Bestmile’s Mobility Services Platform is used to configure and manage the service via an operator dashboard, and supplies the traveler app used to hail vehicles. Ibeo Automotive Systems provides the LiDAR sensor system for environmental perception and object tracking as well as the software for autonomous driving. PARAVAN delivers the steer by wire system Space Drive II and HFM manufactures the vehicle.