Demonstrations in Copenhagen

This year’s Demonstrations will push the boundaries of modern mobility, so be sure not to miss the innovative services that will be showcased in our Demonstration area! Delegates and visitors get the chance to experience exciting current and future mobility options and learn about pioneering ventures. Feel free to come and visit the Demonstration Desk at the Bella Congress Centre for more information.

Here are a few highlights that you can look forward to:

Living Lab Bus – Innovations and Electricity

The demonstration showcases how urban electric buses and quick charging systems improve user and city experience through smoother and quieter rides with zero local emissions, while also reducing the total costs of operation. In addition, the demonstration shows how innovative buses are used as a mobile test platform for new technologies, data collection and service development and demonstration in the Living Lab Bus R&D project ( Using buses in normal operation as an open platform enables faster testing and demonstration of solutions that improve the attractiveness and efficiency of public transportation in real context with the chance to collect quick feedback from real users. This will be demonstrated with example cases related to road condition monitoring and forecasts, optimizing driving behavior and technologies for automated driving as well as service provision and feedback channels for the passengers.

Demonstration by Ibeo Automotive Systems, BestMile, Paravan and Autonomous Mobility

For the demonstration of Ibeo Automotive Systems, BestMile, Paravan and Autonomous Mobility, the parking lot in front of Bella Center will turn into an “Urban Jungle”. Several Level 5 shuttle busses will make their way through a thicket of dynamic and static obstacles while giving demo participants an unforgettable autonomous experience. The randomly moving obstacles will be disguised as jungle dwellers crossing the winding paths of the shuttle busses.

Objective of this live demo is to show that the Level 5 shuttle busses, which are based on Paravan’s Motionboard and equipped with Ibeo’s LiDAR sensors for environmental perception and HAD applications, can cope with any traffic situation and react with suitable braking or evasion maneuvers. To guarantee visitors’ safety on board and to explain the technical details, a qualified member of staff will accompany the vehicle at all times. In an emergency situation, this safety driver can oversteer the automated functions.


Copenhagen is known as one of the most biking friendly cities in the world. Q-Free wants to take the positive biking experience one step further and invite visitors to become urban Cooperative Intelligent Transport System cyclists. By the help of innovative technology, the live demonstrations allow participants to experience a range of practical Urban ITS scenarios. Visitors will use electrical bikes and will be guided through a city environment by the help of audio and visual information through screens mounted on the bikes and Bluetooth earphones. The screens and earphones give interactive information on the traffic situations. Several simulated situations will show how safety and efficiency can work in an urban ITS mobility setting. There a choice of doing the short route (100 meters) or the long route (2 km). Visitors will score points depending on their traffic behavior. A price will be awarded each day to a urban cyclist. Ear piece and helmets are provided free of charge. Doing the bicycle tour is a great way to energize your day at the ITS World Congress.


Do you want see how the smart tolling and mobility work? Join us on the trip from exhibition area over the Øresund Bridge. We´ll show you can pay toll more convenient, just by using a smartphone, a dedicated app and our smart transponder. But this is not all – you can explore with it also the new world of mobility services such as parking, carpooling and real-time traffic information. We´ll stimulate all these services for you in real life. Combine the Kapsch demonstration with a trip to the longest road and rail bridge in Europe!