Demonstrations in Copenhagen


This year’s Demonstrations will push the boundaries of modern mobility, so be sure not to miss the innovative services that will be showcased in our Demonstration area! Delegates and visitors get the chance to experience exciting current and future mobility options and learn about pioneering ventures. Feel free to come and visit the Demonstration Desk at the Bella Congress Centre for more information.

Here are a few highlights that you can look forward to:

Living Lab Bus – Innovations and Electricity

The demonstration showcases how urban electric buses and quick charging systems improve user and city experience through smoother and quieter rides with zero local emissions, while also reducing the total costs of operation. In addition, the demonstration shows how innovative buses are used as a mobile test platform for new technologies, data collection and service development and demonstration in the Living Lab Bus R&D project ( Using buses in normal operation as an open platform enables faster testing and demonstration of solutions that improve the attractiveness and efficiency of public transportation in real context with the chance to collect quick feedback from real users. This will be demonstrated with example cases related to road condition monitoring and forecasts, optimizing driving behavior and technologies for automated driving as well as service provision and feedback channels for the passengers.

VEDECOM On-demand Automated Mobility Service: innovation on operation management

The project is to demonstrate a complete on-demand mobility service based on automated and connected electric vehicles, under the control of a supervision system allowing a remote monitoring of the infrastructure and interactions with vehicles.

The service will run between Bella Center and the City Hall of Copenhagen.

Two parking lots will be implemented in order to show :

  • Automated driving
  • Wireless charging while driving

To go beyond the limits of automated vehicles and operation management, VEDECOM will present its supervision system, including monitoring with centralized control station.