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What kind of measures will exhibitors have to ensure are in place?
For more information, please consult the Exhibitors Area.

Let’s be prepared

We are getting ready for an exceptional event that will allow us all to be together again! Working closely with the City of Hamburg, ERTICO – ITS Europe and the local health authorities, we are committed to create an event that mitigates risk and creates a safe and controlled environment for you to learn, exhibit and network.

ITS World Congress participants will be required to wear a medical or FPP face mask at all times during the event. This requirement applies to all persons at all areas in the Hamburg Messe and Congress Center and at Congress events in the city. If outside, the mask could be removed when keeping a distance of 1.5m.

The mask must be worn in such a way that the mouth and nose are completely covered preventing the emission of aerosols and droplets. Anyone who does not comply with the obligation to cover their mouth and nose risks being barred from attending the rest of the Congress.

Masks that will not be allowed include Tissue Masks, Cloth Masks and Masks with a valve.

See below for some useful links to ensure you are prepared:

For official information on the health situation in Germany.

For further information on COVID-related restrictions in Hamburg.

For further information on the hygiene plan in place at the Hamburg Messe.

For more information on protection and hygiene measures  at the Hamburg Airport.

For information on the nearest open Test centers, and Airport test center.

ITS World Congress in Hamburg ‘2-G’ event

Brussels/Hamburg, 09 September 2021 The 2G sanitary plan submitted to the Hamburg authorities by ERTICO – ITS Europe as organiser and ITS Hamburg 2021 GmbH as Host and co-organiser of the ITS World Congress in Hamburg (11-15 October 2021) has been approved.

‘Thanks to this format, visitors to the Congress can interact more freely in a safe and secure environment, enabling the networking that we have missed for so long. Everyone can enjoy the full Congress experience including the high-level programme, technical sessions, exhibition, demonstrations, technical visits, to name but a few of the highlights.’ says Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO CEO.

Under the 2G format, all attendees will need either to be fully vaccinated with one of the 4 EU recognised vaccinations (Moderna,  Pfizer/BioNTech, Janssen/Johnson&Johnson and Oxford/AstraZeneca) or have proof of full recovery from COVID 19 (presentation of a valid vaccination certificate and/or proof of COVID-19 recovery). Harry Evers, Managing Director, ITS Hamburg 2021 GmbH says ‘With these 2G rules, participants can exchange ideas and network more freely, which creates a real ITS World Congress atmosphere.’

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