All attendees are welcome to join the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and Plenary Sessions in which major personalities from the world of ITS will present their personal views on key issues. EXECUTIVE SESSIONS In these sessions a range of senior experts including high level industry executives, public officials and academics will draw from their experiences to discuss key topical policies, problems and issues. As well as reviewing current challenges and achievements, these sessions provide an exciting opportunity to learn about future ITS initiatives.

Organised at the request of organisations or groups of experts developing and deploying ITS, these interactive, tailor-made meetings create an opportunity to explore in-depth specific topics.

 These sessions are composed of presentations by international experts on varying ITS related topics encompassing all technical, scientific, economic, organisational and societal aspects of ITS. They aim to encourage and enable the exchange of information on deployment ranging from improving the operational use of systems and services on the one hand to research and development in support of new applications on the other.

These sessions will begin with speakers making short presentations after which the moderator will facilitate a discussion involving both the speakers and the audience. This format suits contentious subjects with many different opinions to be considered, or an area which is evolving very quickly. The sessions are less structured with more time for interaction between the speakers and the audience. Most of these sessions take place in the exhibition area.


Because the Congresses attract delegates from around the world, the practice has developed of organising open informal sessions (workshops) at which new or contentious issues can be extensively discussed by anyone with an interest in that topic (stakeholders).


These are presentations of Technical or/and Scientific Papers judged by reviewers and the International Programme Committee to be near market rather than pre-market, or where authors have specifically requested the specialised Theatre venue in the Exhibition. Commercial Papers describe an activity aimed at generating or improving a specific product, device or idea for the market. Papers will be assembled around similar themes and presented in groups with a moderator.

These are Special Interest Session proposals which the Programme Committee considered had significant emphasis on presentation of results from one or more important projects.